“In a moment of absolute synchronicity I came across Shelli. I was in a dark space, absolutely confined by my worries, fears and thoughts. I was trying to work through it myself. After just working with Shelli for a few moments, she began showing me how to grant myself freedom and a sense of peace. I had many blind spots and judgements and was operating from that space without even knowing it. I’m so grateful for her insights and kindness. Shelli has taught me more than anyone in my life. I am beyond grateful for the freedom she is helping me create in my heart, mind and life. ”
-Mary Beth L.

Discover the power of Transformational Coaching…

Transformation is a change, a new way of thinking, seeing & being.

As we work together you’ll become aware of the root of your limiting beliefs allowing you to transform and transcend them. From this state of mind you’ll clearly design the life you’re meant to be living.

You’ll learn how to manifest your desired outcome by aligning with appropriate and indicated actions.

You’ll deepen your trust as you travel beyond what you think you know and create a clearing for fresh and infinite possibility.

This is the birth of internal reorganization and a paradigm shift in your life.

Do you still think the obstacles to what you want are “out there”?

Good news. They are not.

When we really slow down and get still, we begin to notice how kind life is. Learn how to question perceived obstacles and watch them dissolve.

You’ll become free of blaming others, feeling like a victim, and trying to “manage & control”.

Allowing life to unfold without interference is your key to lightness and freedom.

As a result of transformation you’ll realize that anything previously imagined about your life pales in comparison to what is actually possible.

You’ll become enlightened to your true essence, which is love and spirit expressing itself in the profound and ultimately human experience.

There is something blissful about accepting powerlessness. Only then can you become a conduit for spirit to create through you.

It takes a leap of faith but it’s possible to…

Become comfortable with the journey, embrace the space between the familiar safe shore and your deeply desired destination.

Together we can achieve:

  • Creating your dreams from a place of authenticity. And I mean YOUR DREAMS - not something someone else wants for you. Not even what you “think you should” do. I’m inviting you on a journey to deeply explore and discover dreams that you’re not even aware of yet.

  • Pairing your ambition with a clear vision and on point actions. We’ll strategically uncover confusion, fears and perceived obstacles.

  • Understanding why your ambition has not been sufficient to manifest your longings. Discover your real motives, egoic false identities and your justifications for holding onto behaviors that no longer serve you.

  • Master honest communication in challenging situations. This is difficult for most people. We fear rejection, disapproval, or offense. We fear how people will react, so we withhold. We don’t share authentically. Learning honest communication empowers you to say “no to others” (in a way that is kind) - and “yes” to yourself. And a yes to yourself is a yes to YOUR dreams.

  • Creating a powerful partnership built on trust and support that will move you from talking and thinking about the life you want… to taking clear action with measurable results.

This is how we can work together…

Private, Customized Transformational Coaching Engagements (Limited Availability)

In our one-on-one sessions, we identify what you truly want in your life, and we design a plan for you to begin creating it.

However you can only create something new with a different mind set than you have now…

We will incorporate The Work of Byron Katie (The Work) A powerfully transformational process to get to the root of stressful limiting thoughts and beliefs.You will come to realize the cause of all suffering and how to end it.

As we work together you will…

  • Explore the power of deep commitment to taking action, as a result of the new, powerful insights you uncover along the way.

  • Understand how to finally allow yourself to be happy.

  • Develop the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

  • Create a balanced life, so you’re not “all work and no play.”

  • Learn how to have honest communication, so you’re free to live your life authentically.

  • Cultivate community that will enrich your life. (As you discover who you truly are, you become a vibrational match with like minded people.)

Let’s explore if working privately with me is a good fit…

The first step is for us to get together, and for you to experience the powerful impact of being coached. (There is no obligation for you to engage my services, but no matter what, you will walk away with a transformational experience.)