“I was the doctor who felt so stuck in my life and I didn’t like who I was. After Shelli helped me gain clarity with my goals, I began to experience a whole new world of freedom. The entire process of working with Shelli has been my greatest pleasure. I felt so held throughout all of the sessions and Shelli has a gift of bringing up exactly what is needed at the right time. Each session felt like an invigorating deep cleaning. What a delightful journey it can be to pick Shelli as your coach. The trip and destination are beyond anything imaginable. Save yourself and trust working with Shelli! ”
-Varsha D.

Meet Shelli

Greetings, I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re seeking peace, clarity, contentment and fulfillment…

If you’re ready to understand how life actually works (not how you “think it should work”)…

If you’re longing to know yourself on a deeper level…

…you’re in the right place.

I’m Shelli, and I’d love to share a bit of my story with you…

I’ve been working in the health and spiritual wellness world for over 20 years.

I’m a relentless warrior for internal peace. First and foremost, I’m a student of life, with a voracious appetite to know my deepest self.

And what I’ve discovered is that without exception…

Suffering comes from resistance and attachment.

You may already know this on an intellectual level.

But until you start to embrace life as it really is and experience truly letting go, inner peace will remain elusive.

My passion is serving powerful women who are ready to explore what is keeping them from shining brilliantly and loving their lives wholeheartedly.

My mission is to help women get on the other side of their imagined limitations and go forward designing a life they love and serving others.



It’s a funny thing, this human condition.

From a very young age I never felt quite at home living this human experience.

I was an extremely nervous child which manifested in anxiety, fear and a sense of isolation. Lack of confidence and self doubt haunted me for many years of my life.

I experienced my mother as critical and I feared her. I assumed she loved me, but I couldn’t always feel it.

So I pushed down the fear, anger, confusion and longing for her love and approval, often using food as a way to soothe myself.

But… pushing down pain is different than having internal freedom.

It wasn’t until I was willing to stop using overeating and other distractions that I started to really get clarity about what I was feeling.

And what I realized is: how much pain comes from wanting someone (even myself) or something to be different from the way it ACTUALLY is.

In my exploration, I re-discovered that what I was truly seeking was connection and belonging. And that, I could only find within myself.

From then on, I became a relentless warrior for my peace.


Once I understood the source of my confusion, I…

  • began to heal relationships. By looking deeply within myself, I began to make peace with my family and friends.

  • shifted from feeling uncomfortable in my human experience, to excited to experience all that this journey has to teach me.

  • traveled to retreats, devoured inspirational books, and kept company with teachers that I revered.

  • immersed myself into a meditation practice.

  • spent years thoroughly enjoying coaching, mentoring, speaking and sharing about this bliss that is possible for all of us.

I finally felt confident that I could peacefully face whatever life might present.

And then my mother was diagnosed with Cancer

This wasn’t her first bout, but this time was to be her last.

I genuinely wanted to be there for her. And so I was every day. I desperately wanted to have this time with my mom & so we did.

She wasn’t “supposed” to die

But she did & nothing was the same. Every belief that I held about my family and life in general was being shattered by this new reality. 

Countless thoughts & images were stuck in my head, recalling all the medical treatment my mom endured and I had witnessed. 

Despite all the learning and insights I’d had over the years, I again developed a massive level of anxiety about the future & became fearful about my own health and well-being.

Who was I now?

My mother was gone.

My own daughter was grown, living her life. 

So who was I, without a mother? Who was I without a daughter who needed me the way she used to?

What about all those things that were “supposed to be”?

I remember having a profound moment of clarity where I realized:

My thinking was the culprit of my pain, and I needed a way to work with my stressful thoughts.

The methods I’d practiced and relied upon weren’t specific enough to help me deal with this new experience. Something more was needed.

I became open to seeking further, to going deeper. Then I discovered The Work of Byron Katie (The Work) and was captivated. I began this powerful practice of identifying and questioning the stressful thoughts that terrified me.

Now, I know - deep in my heart - that there is no person, situation, or experience that can cause me pain.

Only my own thinking and believing my thoughts can do that. And I now have a powerful process that I use in my own life and with the women I work with.

Today, I help other women who want to discover the same level of peace.

Is that you?


  • Professional Life Coach, Life Coach Institute (ICF)

  • Fast Track Coach Academy (ICF)

  • Certified Facilitator for the Work of Byron Katie, Institute for The Work

  • Reiki Master, American Reiki Academy

Some fun personal facts about Shelli:

  • Shelli lives and works in Ventura County, California.

  • She loves being a mother.

  • She enjoys sharing her life with her husband and adorable Maltipoo, named Tink.

  • She’s gotta have red lipstick.

  • A touch of leopard print always “sparks joy”.

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